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How to join?

When you become an owner of a property on or near Lake Vernon, you not only realize a personal dream you and your loved ones become part of a wonderful community. Membership in the LVA is an important way for you to get involved and as a community member help protect and enhance the value of your investment beyond your life-time.

Membership is open to all permanent and seasonal residents of Lake Vernon’s catchment which includes the Lake, Hunter’s Bay, the Big East River and the the North Branch of the Muskoka River. 

Join us today for  $45.00 per family. Our annual membership period is from January 1 to December 31. 

We are encouraging members to pay by PayPal through the above signup form.  But you can also join one of the other two easy ways:

E-transfer (preferred method of payment)  –

Cheque to Ruthven Marine

Thank you for your support!

Why Join?

Membership has its Advantages!!!
Get to know your neighbours, engage with your lake community, and stay up to date on the issues affecting our lake and your investment.  And, through your LVA Membership take advantage of the following benefits which are designed to make your lake experience safer and more enjoyable. 

Get to know your neighbours and have fun
annual general meeting ;
family events and activities;
annual BBQ;
golf tournament;

Find out ‘What’s Going On?’
receive our quarterly e-newsletter 
stay in touch through Facebook ;
Twitter @Lake_Vernon ;
Instagram  #lakevernonassociation

Navigate our waterways safely
with channel navigation buoys for your protection by active participation;
on the Safe Quiet Lake Council  through supporting safe boating practices in conjunction with OPP;

Sustain a healthy lake
conducting comprehensive annual water testing and updates; engaging in shoreline preservation initiatives;
providing invasive species alert; taking action  supporting preservation of protected wetlands

When an emergency happens keep up to date
check-in on lake conditions all year round through our webcam;
access reports on flood conditions and water levels; 

Link to Road Closures
Link to Winter Road Conditions

Proactively engage with the Town of Huntsville and the District of Muskoka
monitoring municipal issues affecting lake residents ongoing review of building/zoning/variance applications; acting as a collective voice for Lake Vernon on development matters developing and ;
maintaining the Lake Plan keeping you up to date 

Access special benefits with our FOCA membership
The Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (FOCA) represents the people who live at the waterfront in Ontario, whether seasonally or year-round. Their members are lake and road associations, like the Lake Vernon Association. Through your LVA membership you get access to their special offers.Check them out at

LVA Merchandise
members purchase LVA merchandise at the reduced member rate

Lost and Found
looking for a lost item — Lost & Found!
found something on your shore — Lost and Found!

Get Propane supply discount

2022/23 Lake Vernon Propane Agreement

Dear LVA Members,  

As one of your membership advantages, the LVA offers a preferred propane rate to its members.  Last year, after several requests, we piloted a second agreement with Superior Propane to complement our long-standing MOORE Propane partnership.  Unfortunately, there was only a few members who took advantage of the Superior offer leaving us far short of the volume necessary to sustain the preferred rate.  Superior propane has withdrawn their LVA discounted offer for the upcoming contract period.  If you are a Superior customer, please contact their office directly to discuss their new rates. We continue to have a strong long-standing partnership with MOORE Propane who will continue to offer a discounted competitive rate to our members.  Like most commodities, propane costs have seen significant volatility over the past year and are somewhat unpredictable given this economic climate.   

MOORE Propone offers two rate programs:  1) Monthly Variable and 2) Annual Fixed.  

The LVA MOORE rate for this year (September 1st 2022 to August 31st 2023) is as follows:
Monthly Variable Rate:              Published rack rate per litre plus $0.24
(rate drops to $0.21 if previous individual annual volume exceeds 5000 litres)
Annual Fixed Rate:                    The fixed rate is set at $0.799/litre
(rate drops by $0.03 if previous individual annual volume exceeds 5000 litres)

NOTE:  It is only necessary to contact MOORE Propane if you wish to change your current rate structure.  (eg.   From variable to fixed or fixed to variable).  ALL requested changes MUST be made by September 8th, 2022.   If no changes are requested, the new rates will be reflected on your next billing.  When speaking with a MOORE account advisor, remember to state you are a current Lake Vernon Member.  

If you have any questions, we can be contacted at or simply reach out to the Moore office at 905-385-9111.