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Top 10 Ways to Protect Our Lake

10 – Reduce or eliminate your use of commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, particularly near the shoreline.  For tips to creating a naturally healthy lawn, visit:

9 – Stay informed.  Muskoka has many environmental resources and organizations that can help you to make ecologically sound decisions.  
Check out the Muskoka Watershed Council,
the Muskoka Conservancy,
the Muskoka Water Web
and Friends of the Muskoka Watershed

8 – Practice the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

7 – Use phosphate-free and biodegradable cleaning products to eliminate unnatural products entering our water system.

6 – Reduce the load on your septic tank by conserving water, and ensure your septic system is maintained and re-inspected regularly, to reduce bacterial contamination of our lake.  For more information visit:

5 – Concerned about tree removal or shoreline work on a property near you?  First of all, talk to the landowner in question.  Maybe they are unaware of shoreline development restrictions or the ecological impact of what they are doing.  If they are not responsive to your concerns, contact the President of the Lake Vernon Association ( , who can bring your concerns forward to the Town on your behalf.   If you are concerned about activity that involves the water, you can contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry at 1-877-847-7677 or Crime Stoppers (anonymous) at 1-800-222-8477.

4 – Make sure to keep your boat in good repair to reduce oil and gasoline spills into the lake.  One drop of oil can render up to 25 litres of water unfit for drinking!

3 – When boating, always reduce your speed to eliminate the wake around wetlands, nesting areas and areas of shoreline that are already experiencing significant erosion.  Note that the speed limit within 30 metres of shore in Muskoka is 9 km/h.  Treat both your human and animal neighbours with respect for our mutual enjoyment.

2 – Don’t clearcut the shoreline! Maintain a natural shoreline, including trees, to support the vital ribbon between the land and water that supports so much life (at least 80 percent of all animals will use the shoreline area for food or shelter during their lifetimes), to prevent erosion, help to filter pollutants before they reach the water and to make your swimming experience more enjoyable. For more information visit:,shading%20a

Present shoreline development restrictions in our area include the following:
  ■   Maintain in a natural state except for removal of dead and decaying vegetation
  ■  Maintain across a minimum 75% of the lot, measured along the shoreline
  ■  Maintain a minimum depth of 15 metres measured back from the shoreline
  ■  Total width of all structures and amenity areas cannot exceed 15 metres or 25% of
      the lot frontage, whichever is less

1 – Become a member of the Lake Vernon Association!   Join today. If you are interested in helping with the outreach work of the lake association, feel free to reach out to us at