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About the Lake Vernon Environmental Association (LVEA)
The LVEA is a registered charitable organization, and was created to fund critical environmental projects and initiatives on and around Lake Vernon.  Through donations from passionate supporters, the LVEA serves to preserve, protect, restore and improve the natural environment and beauty of Lake Vernon, Hunters Bay, the Big East River, and the north branch of the Muskoka.  You can contact the LVEA by email at

Reason for Giving – LVEA Supported Initiatives
Donations made to the LVEA go directly to pay for key environmental activities.  Some of these activities are small and ongoing, such as water quality and invasive species testing while others are large, once-off projects.  Here are some examples of past initiatives that the LVEA has financially supported:

Lake Vernon Lake Plan:  Funded by the LVEA, this project was completed for the Lake Vernon Association in order to identify, protect, and conserve the significant natural, physical, and social features of Lake Vernon.  The lake plan identified several issues of concern with the most important being the protection of water quality.

Water Quality Strategy:  Employing a well known environmental consulting company, a water quality strategy was developed for Lake Vernon based on an exhaustive review of available data.  The resulting strategy identified potential concerns and threats and provided recommendations for effective stewardship and programs to promote and protect water quality in Lake Vernon.              

University of Waterloo Water Quality Study:  The LVEA provided financial support for the cost of lab testing and related materials for this collaborative study. UoW environmental students tested for and analyzed parameters covering water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH level, conductivity, temperature, and phosphates.

Benthic Analysis:  The Lake Vernon Association samples and collects information on the “bugs in the mud” that form the building blocks of water quality life in the lake.  After gathering over 10 years of data, the LVEA was able to support the analysis of this information.  These insights will shape the direction of Lake Vernon’s future benthic macroinvertebrate program in the future.    

Donate NOW 
You can have a hand in preserving the natural beauty of Lake Vernon that we all share by donating today.  Your support will help to ensure that Lake Vernon’s waterways and shoreline will remain healthy, to be enjoyed by future generations.  
The LVEA receives no government funding and relies on charitable donations from people like you.  All donations are tax deductible and 100% of LVEA donations are used to pay for environmental projects.

Board and Key Volunteers  
The LVEA is managed by a small volunteer board of directors, and meets annually to review Lake Vernon’s environmental needs and to make funding decisions for the coming year.  Our current Board of Directors includes:
Warren Jestin, Chair
David McCaw, Treasurer
Tracey Rast, Director 
Anne Lindsay, Director